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Fortnite review

Fortnite is one of the most popular representatives of Battle Royale games. It is a 100-participants PVP that was originally released for PlayStation, PC, Xbox One. Now it is also available for iOS, keeping the same quality of design, speed, and resolution.

You can choose to play alone or team up with other players. The game encourages you to make alliances with others, as it makes the whole experience in it even more fun. Ask your friend to join you in the game and help each other to perform numerous tasks in the game.

It all starts very unusually, as you are flying together with other players on the colorful party bus. A moment later you are parachuting from it to a nice, not very big, island with fascinating views. The map of this place, which consists of multiple brilliantly designed cities with its unique infrastructure and architecture, is shrinking, as the storm is coming.

In a standard for Battle Royale mix of survival game and shooter, developers added edited building option. You can progress in it, and build not just shelters, castles, massive fortresses, but walls against your enemies in the middle of a fight, stairs you can jump off and so on.

The game itself is constantly pushing you deeper in the middle of the map, where the final battle will take place. Be careful since your enemies can hide behind your back. It is always very disappointing to die when you are one step from a victory.

As a benefit, this game totally knows how to give you the weapon of your dreams. There is a nice variety of guns, axes, explosives you can choose from. Just remember, you have only 5 lots in your inventory, and the need in healing items, as even a 2-minute run across the city can kill you. There are enemies everywhere.

Mobile version of the game is not so different from PC or PlayStation variants. The resolution of graphics is still good enough, slightly lower. The speed of the game on your iPhone is one of the greatest achievements of developers. You may find your character harder to control, but with lower screen touch sensitivity, you increase your chances for victory. Learn basics, remember you can navigate your character the same as your friends who use a keyboard or joystick.

The game is actually free. If you want, you can buy extra skin or gear, up to your choice. Since the graphics in Fortnite is legendary, you may want to collect all the special skin offers that developers release almost every month.


  • Brisk funny scenario;
  • Unlimited opportunities in the game;
  • Beautiful characters, amazing background.


  • There are only 24 hours in a day, which is definitely not enough;
  • Too many options to choose from.
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Lily Milton

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5 / 5

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